Fit Pro- All in one Fitness Tracker

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$59.00 $84.00

Keep Fit like a PRO

Because not going pro for your fitness just doesnt cut it anymore.
Seeking the convenience of having fitness and time at your fingertips?

The Very Fit Pro watch offers you quite the same features. 

With a full touchscreen OLED screen, mutliple interfaces and even a pulse rate monitor, you literally have almost everything at your wrist!

Built in USB charger removes the need to have a cable. Simply detach and plug into any charger. or laptop. 
   Function :

1)Multiple interface 
2)Multi sport mode
3)Guided breathing
4)Call and message alert
6)Music control
7)Timeline tracking
9)GPS Function


  • Dimensions 260(L) x 21(W) x 12.5(H)
  • weights 12g- light weight. feels like air. 

Additional Information

  • Connection : Bluetooth 4.0
  • Can be worn during take shower but not advisable for a swim
  • Battery Specification
  • Capacity : 65 mAh
  • Duration : 15days
  • Charging Ways : USB Charging
  • Charging Time : 1-2 hours  
  • Superb Battery Life. Battery last for 10-15days
  • Comes with a user Manual.