Mini Portable Light weight Phone Air Humidifier (Android/IOS)

Motus Store
Finally a Travel light portable dehumidifier small enough to be operated by your phone!
Say GOODBYE to dry and oily skin. 


This mobile moisture sprayer can work as both moisture replenishment humidifier and beautify apparatus 
Nanometer tiny mist keep your skin moist for a long time, help your skin to get rid of dry and excessive oil secretion. Perfect for Travelling, dry air on planes. 
Portable, lightweight and exquisite, convenient to carry to everywhere. It is compatible with most popular mobile phones plug directly, such as iOS and Android 

Usage Instructions:


  • Weight: 92g  
  • Dimensions: 6cm x 6.00 x 2.00 cm  

Additional Info:

  • Suitable for car, home, office, outdoor  
  • Power rating: 3.7V / 1.2W  
  • Available in: Blue,Green,Pink,Purple
  • compatible with most popular IOS & Android mobile phones directly
  • Suitable for Adults and Children
  • Box contains: 1 x Mobile Moisture Supply, 1 x Bottle, 1 x Hand Strap, 1 x Bilingual Instruction in Chinese and English
  • Perfect for Travelling, dry air on planes. 

 Care for Product:

  • Using pure water is recommended as it is most effective  for spraying focusing on face 
  • For adding of essential oils. Add sparingly. 
  • Keep out of the reach of children. Children usage should be supervised 
  • Avoid storage in damp, high temperature and exposed places